Five Most Common Plumbing Issues in the Home

Problems are always prone to happening, especially with plumbing systems. Each and every home and business has plumbing systems that require regular maintenance, and even in the best kept homes, it is not unlikely that issues will arise. Here are some common household plumbing issues:

1) Leaking Taps: Many people choose to ignore a leaking tap or faucet, as they may not think that it’s a big deal. Yet, as time passes, this can lead to a very high water or utility bill, and it could even result in water damage to your plumbing systems or your home. If this is noticed early on, a leaking tap or faucet can be fixed easily. A common solution to this issue can be replacing inefficient or worn washers. Even if the entire tap needs to be replaced, it can still be done with ease by a professional in the field.

2) Clogged Drains: Clogged drains are usually found in the bathroom and kitchen where plumbing systems are more prevalent. Drains are definitely subjected to a lot of wear and tear, and it is designed to allow water through while keeping other items out. However, it is not hard for the drain to get blocked. When this occurs, the water has nowhere to go and will clog up the sink, shower basin, or bath area. There are many different plumbing supplies that can fix this problem. A plunger could do the trick, or you could have a professional come out and look if you believe it isn’t that simple.

3) Blocked Toilets: These are very similar to clogged drains because these also occur quite often. Usually though, it is more often a buildup of waste rather than food particles. A simple plunger will help in this situation. If this does not work, you can also purchase a sewer snake or other device. In a severe case, the pipe itself may need to be addressed. The issue may be caused by the toilet, as it could be a faulty ball-cock leaking water rather than properly flushing.

4) Deficient Water Heaters: Hot water is an important component in any home or business. Equally important is the boiler, yet these both can break down often which will result in the loss of hot water. There are many reasons that this could be happening, and most of these issues can be solved with new heating supplies which are inexpensive and easy to handle.

5) Pipes under the Sink: The kitchen sink is the most commonly used area in the home plumbing wise, so it makes complete sense that it is an area that creates problems. The pipes under the sink are often susceptible to leaks. This is often caused by the pipe being knocked out of place. In most cases, tightening the affected area will solve this issue. In the case of severe damage where an actual hole in the pipe is present, the pipe may need to be replaced by a professional.

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