Proper Plumbing Maintenance For Cold Weather

When the cold weather associated with winter arrives, will your plumbing systems be prepared? You need to make sure that your systems are properly maintained in order to avoid issues popping up unexpectedly this winter. Fix any small leaks or defects before they turn into large costly repairs. Even cracks can cause leaks that will drain out warm air from the heater, and if the cracks are large enough, it is not uncommon that a home can completely flood. Taking just a few minutes to inspect your plumbing systems to issues and assess the risks will save you time and money in the long run. Follow these winter maintenance tips and you will be well on your way to avoiding many problems that come along with winter!

One good tip is to properly clear out drain clogs if you have them. Every week, you should use natural organic products to clean your sink and shower drains. Avoiding the harsh chemicals is in your best interest, as they can damage or erode your pipes after an extended period of time. Some clogs can actually be caused by tree roots entering through cracks and blocking the pipe. There are plumbers who can easily inspect the area and extract the roots appropriately, so do not believe that only a landscaper can do this task for you!

Frozen pipes are one of the most common problems during the winter months. Many people don’t think to prepare so that they can avoid this major inconvenience, but it is smart! A flood could easily occur from a leak in the walls or ceiling. The worst case scenario is that you will need to replace the walls and the contents of the room. In order to solve this problem, you will need to insulate any outdoor and indoor pipes with proper insulation materials. You can use foam sleeves or even insulation tape, as long as they aren’t a fire hazard. It is also a good idea to open cabinets so that the air circulation can keep these pipes warm during the cold winter nights.

Next, you will want to switch off the water supply that leads to any outdoor spigots before the first freeze. Even the smallest amount of frozen water can cause extensive and costly damages. To prevent this from happening, fix the leak immediately to avoid an unexpected pipe burst. Did you know, the spigot is the most exposed faucet because of its location outdoors?

Most homeowners don’t think about it, but proper holiday cooking is also a good way to maintain your plumbing systems. Cook and dispose of any holiday food carefully. DO NOT pour grease or oil down the drain, because this coats the pipes. Some clogs may form and freeze in the cold air. You will need to test out the garbage disposal by running through streams of water.

The winter season is known for being accompanied by plumbing problems. If you do run into one of these problems, you will need the help of professionals to quickly correct the mishap. A professional will evaluate your current plumbing systems, show you any areas that could cause a problem, and provide you with recommendations when it comes to protecting your home from the cold. Make sure you’re prepared before the weather turns harsh, and save your money on repair costs.


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